Monsters of Reality

Monsters of Reality are taking over the National Theatre on Sunday 25th of September!


A constellation of invited artists from Norway and Greece will fill the gilded corridors with live performance, installations and interactions, using fiction to get at truth. From their differing standpoints they will share their responses to historical and contemporary ideas about ritual, identification, imitation and reality.

This one day event is the culmination of an extended project that started in February 2016 when a group of Norwegian artists and theatre makers travelled to Athens in an attempt to trace the ancient theory of mimesis which lies at the core of the entire history of Western discourse on representational art and its values. It has been a passionate concern for artists and philosophers for thousands of years, but the term might also be considered a curious relic from the past.

Ever since Plato laid the foundations for the concept of mimesis, theatre has been subjected to claims of suffering “a crisis of representation”. In our times this concerns a discourse related to concepts of truth and reality, or rather the deconstruction of them – a theoretical debate that mostly has engaged Western philosophy. We should perhaps also turn our minds to another very real crisis of representation. The European Union is creaking at the joints and there is an increasing distrust in a true and just democratic representation.

Monsters of Reality uses the axis Oslo–Athens as a starting-point for an artistic investigation into this crisis and our means of representing it.


Participating artists:

Blindspot theatre group (Yota Argyropoulou & Michalis Konstantatos) (GR), Rafika Chawishe (GR), Trine Falch (NO), Crispin Gurholt (NO), influx artist collective (Charis Pechlivanidis & Korina Vasileiadou) (GR), Victoria Meirik (NO), Poka-Yio (GR), Pia Maria Roll (NO), Helle Siljeholm (NO), Mona Solhaug (NO), Bo Krister Wallström (NO) and Universet (Kenneth Ishak & Bård Torgersen) (NO).


For more information visit:


Concept/production: Siri Forberg

Dramaturg/production: Marit G. Eggen

Production assistant: Frances Gerono

Ilustration: Timon Botez


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