Last week Vestlandet was immersed in Ancient Corinth

The first major event that Foreningen organized this year was the visit to Volda and Bergen of archaeologist Socrates Koursoumis, who is working for the Korinthia Ephorate and has been pivotal in the renovation of the museum at the site. Socrates is also the author of a book on “The Apostle Paul in Roman Corinth“.

The venues in Bergen took place under the auspices of the research group on Antiquity and the NeRoNE project, in the frame of two workshops that were a sort of continuation of earlier activities of the group, namely on topics of Archaeopolitics and Urbanism.

Socrates Koursoumis talking to members of the Research Group on Museology and Archaeopolitics based on the experience from the renovation of the Museum at Ancient Corinth
Socrates Koursoumis talking to members of the Research Group on the urban development of Ancient Corinth

Socrates’ talks were followed by interventions prepared by members of the research group. All presentations were thought-provoking and the comparison of different cultures spanning the Mediterranean, the Nile, the Middle East and Central Asia created ample space for vivid exchanges and debates that all participants hope to continue through the web-page of the research group.

Foreningen was the sponsor of the venue at the library of the University College at Volda. There, Socrates talked about “The Apostle Paul in Corinth: Old and new narratives on religious ethics and groups in Roman Greece.”

We hope that this arrangement marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Høgskulen i Volda in particular, and Foreningen’s new home-town in Volda, more generally.


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